Blackstone Comics Presents: The Fist

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Hard Copies of "The FIST" will be sold exclusively at the Interstate Drafthouse 1235 East Palmer Strett (with the exception of Facebook) in Fishtown, Philadelphia from 6pm-10pm Thursday nights.

"Riley Reece may not look like much, just another working-class boozer with a broken family from the slums of Philadelphia. But Riley Reece isn't just a drunk - he's a drunk with a secret. After late night benders of agonizing self destruction, Riley's guilty conscience prompts him to sport a black hood and become Philly's most feared vigilante.

Issue #1 will see the birth of "The FIST," when a murdering, crooked cop is set free and Riley Reece takes it personally.

Set in late 1900's Philadelphia, Reece's action - and reactions - will open old wounds and set off a chain of violence and mayhem throughout the City of Brotherly Love, creating messes for this amateur vigilante to clean up."

Obtain your copy of "The FIST" today on Blackstone Comics Facebook page.


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