Stereotytans Comic Review! Ice Cream Chaos Ensues....

By: Ryan Weiss

After reviewing Stereotytans titular comic, I can safely say that, “I really want some ice cream, although I feel that choosing macadamia butter nut crunch may jeopardize my life.” Oh, yeah and, “there ain’t no such thing as sprinkles.”

              Straight out of Collingswood, New Jersey, like a metal/horrorcore-LCD laced Jerky Boys dream which I didn’t want to have, the Stereotytans invaded my privacy, violated and polluted my brain with such fervor,that I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat ice cream with sprink, err, jimmies ever again.
              Let’s get to it, this was fresh. I laughed out loud and nodded my head to the rhythm of the chaos. While exploring this piece, I felt as if I needed to jump into the artwork and start wrangling the Stereotytans like I do my own children; with a shiny object, or candy, toy, video game, something to get them to shut up! The ensuing chaos is brought on by their need for ice cream! A simple trip for the delectable treat involves a run in with police and monsters that spirals, unnecessarily, out of control. Yet, that is exactly what you expect, and want, from this crew!

 Getting to know Saint Prometheus, Okeanus, Hyper-Gab, and Kronos was unsettlingly calm. It threw me back to my grade school and early high school days where we just went out and did stuff, spontaneously. No thinking, all go, go, go, rock and roll, run, run, run! Everyone needs to let loose and the Stereotytans let my mind take that trip. I look forward the next issues and another opportunity to review a fresh series.

Stereotytans, a Philadelphia-based, comic book inspired, hard rock band, is taking Olympus and Earth by storm. These aren't your ordinary rockers, however. The Tytans describe their sound as, "if Living Color, Fishbone and Radiohead had a threeway while Public Enemy watched and then birth sweet, sweet musical babies with hits of soul, funk and metal mixed in for goof measure." Fans who experience the crews elemental superpowers will be transformed through a truly unique musical experience.

Stereotytans comic and is available for viewing and purchase on their website!


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