Bang Your Head at Bacchanal!

PHILADELPHIA, PA > “Prepare yourselves for the roaring voice of the demigods of joy!”  As Euripides says, you must do! Well, mostly Euripides.... the demigod part was added for dramatic effect. What is a Bacchanal? Attend the event on July 8, 2017 and you’ll find out! 

Bacchanal is kicking off at 2:00pm on July 8th at Kung Fu Neck Tie located at 1250 North Front Street Philadelphia, PA. This celebration of all things revelry features the comic-induced Stereotytans channeling the gods themselves. ( They are fresh off the J1-Studios Nerd Party in the beginning of June! 

Ill Fated Natives, a Philadelphia based power trio, will blast your mind with bluesy thought provoking, pure energy driven, electric power-soul. ( They are currently gearing up for #ElectricChurch residency on June 29th! (detail on their website) and will be in full effect at Bacchanal. The full band lineup is available on the Stereotytans website.  

This occasion is set to rock like no other before or after. The cosplay collective group, Cosplay Philadelphia will be on scene hosting a cosplay contest! Prizes include a gift certificate to Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse and a $200 photoshoot by Hampton Impressions! From the Bacchanal FaceBook page, “The event will bring together a cornucopia of musical styles and pop culture, brought to you by artists hailing from all corners of the greater Philadelphia and beyond!” So wear your togas and eat, drink and be merry at Bacchanal!

Tickets are available right here!


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