Business Suits and Leather Capes

Senior Staff Writer/CosPhilly Communications

PHILADELPHIA, PA > When I first spoke to Ryan (CosPhilly Communications) and Danielle (Hampton Impressions), I was wearing a full body run spandex suit, fur collar, and full faux leather cape. When he told me to contact him when I got home, I was excited about my own business acumen, which initially drew his attention. I was also suspicious of his possible lack of judgement in giving his business card to a guy in a onesie and cape! That night, I messaged Ryan on Instagram (because that's something you can do in 2017 to talk business) and I realized that I had discovered a potential partner with whom I could affect real change!

I should specify; this is something I never thought I would be doing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE when people give me attention! What better way to attract attention than to put your opinion on the internet.  I've never really excelled in, well, any of my writing classes. Writing as part of my job didn't really seem like something that would come easy for me. I have a strong mind for business and math and can speak well to those points. I've always, however, tended to overthink my writing to a point that it becomes convoluted. Case in point, I have rewritten this about eight times trying to simplify what I'm attempting to say! I want my writing to be accessible and fun, but also insightful in a way that is unique to the Nerd Scene that we all co-exist in.

You can expect us to produce some great content in the future; some very, VERY, soon. We are building a concept that hasn't existed yet. This concept will help connect consumers with vendors/creators in an all new and exciting way. Starting now, you can expect a combination of good, old fashioned reviews on comics and creators with a more in-depth dive into the business side of our Nerd Culture. My first review will be coming soon, followed by my first introspective covering the business side of Nerdom. I'm excited to build this new and fun venture with all of you!.


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