Crush The Walls: Constructive and Collective Conscience

By: Ryan Weiss

"The circle of hatred continues unless we react..." This is a quote from the song "Take the Power Back" by the politically charged entity known as Rage Against The Machine from their 1992 self titled, debut album. As the news in America continues to grow increasingly frustrating each day, I've reflected on that quote numerous times. There appears to be a growing sense of resistance in America that is building each day. Whether it's black against white, indigenous peoples against Columbus day, or Neo-Nazi's (seemingly) against everyone; there is resistance.

My feeling is that, at some point, the pressure cooker will pop. We, as a human race, are meant to live in harmony with one another. Hatred is not innate, it is a learned behavior. Hatred is a teachable skill. One can learn, and or instruct another, how to systematically hate someone else, for any reason. We as a human race need to refuse to be compartmentalized into sections. We are being treated as color-coded items which, apparently, need to be separated.

I was raised color blind. I do not see color as a defining trait in a human. I see a person, as equal as I am with the world around me. We are not privileged. The world owes us nothing. We owe everything to each other. We must support each other; no option. I've recently been listening to a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Ill Fated Natives. I've focused in on Ill Fated Natives song "2+2" as vehicle for theorizing about our strengths in numbers. A lyrical line in the song, "Will you stand and fight...." resonates in my brain. It's a question that needs to be asked. I feel as though our collective standing and fighting can be brought about through peaceful and constructive interaction. As much as we want to fight the "machine"by any means, we should remember that fighting solo may be a loosing battle. However, if we take each other by the hand and constructively support and guide each other, changes will occur. Now is the time to embrace your neighbor, brother, sister, friend, etc. and speak about whats really going on. Break down the walls of compartmentalization and see each other as a collective conscience.


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