Dark Knights: Batman Lost Review


 By: Matthew Berner

… Damn…. What. A. Read. This was so much fun! I have had a ton of issues with DC’s Dark Nights one shots and their lack of creativity but this nailed it for me. I don't want to give any of the plot away, because that's what makes the read so much fun, but it has the trappings of my favorite Batman stories; a mystery at the core, a darker plot behind it, and nothing but the World's Greatest Detective there to figure it out. The story weaves between scenes, but never feels confusing. This is aided by the changing of the art with each shift. What art it is! Nothing Earth shattering but each feels unique, fun and different enough to help you know something has changed. 
Give it a read. Even if you're not reading this article. EVEN if you're not reading Batman. It's money well spent.


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