Enhancing Your Network With Community Partnership

"How can community partnership enhance my idea?"

By: Ryan Weiss

In my experience as a writer and radio host, my "go to" option for networking is community partnership. When I'm creating an idea, I first ask myself, "how can community partnership enhance my idea?" People are passionate about their businesses and towns, and rightfully so. They want their town to succeed so their business succeeds. Community partnership has the potential to, not only stimulate your business, but stimulate the surrounding businesses in your town. Local economy stimulation is paramount to an areas sustainability and growth.

When I am planning an event, get together, meet up, etc., I make sure to extend my idea to those around me and my community. If my idea requires a meet up space, I will reach out to surrounding businesses that are built for a crowd. The town diner, coffee shop, grocery store cafe, etc., may be well suiting and welcoming of a gathering. For example, if my company is hosting a monthly business card exchange, I'm going to need a place to physically host it. Many different options surround me, however, I may choose to pick an independent small business, like a coffee shop, because I want to ensure that the small business owners of the area are aware of our support.

Now, to expand my network through this partnership, I ensure that we meet regularly at the chosen small business, purchase our lunch, drinks, etc., from the small business and ensure that we recommend this small business to our clients, friends, and family. In referring others to this business, at this business for our meet up and regularly speaking to the business owner, I have created a solid, trustworthy partnership. This business owner may be a part of the local chamber of commerce would be in the position to speak about me, my professionalism, my company and all of the other company representatives that frequent his shop once a month. At it's core, this type of networking is word of mouth. I ensure a positive interaction with a business owner who recommends my company or skills to another area business owner, and so on.

Be sure to follow me on social media: @ryanweisspro for future articles and events. Ryan Weiss is the owner of Advance Network Consulting.


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