The Ogee Times: Featured Cosplayer of the Week - Asia Minor

Please join The Ogee Times in congratulating Asia Minor for being our "Featured Cosplayer of the Week" !

QWhat is your cosplay name?
A: Asia Minor

Q: What was your first cosplay?
A: Kat from the "Gravity Rush" PS4 game

Q: What was the first cosplay event you attended?
A: Zenkaikon

Q: What was your motivation to attend your first event?
A: One of my best friends told me about Otakon. They asked me to try Zenkaikon first to see if I would enjoy myself.

Q: What is your "featured cosplay"? How do you connect with your "featured cosplay"?
A: Lagombi armor from monster hunter game series. I loved the art work of the Lagombi armor. I love all fashion designs, and art work that looks tribal. And the Lagombi armor design print is very tribal. I remember when i first came in contact with the Lagombi monster in game my exact words were. "Its a cut large bunny." And then it attacked me and rage against the evil bunny began. I fought it 20 times until i had every piece of armor!

Q: What's your favorite part of cosplay construction, fabrication, etc.?
A: Finding ways to create what you exactly want your cosplay to look like. Its one thing to see it, and another thing to create it. Cause some designs don't really match up to being able to move as you would normally, and not fall on your face, or look insane. So i enjoy finding the right colors, painting an object to mimic what i see, building and constructing armor and weapons.

Q: What advise do you have for someone who may be hesitant about cosplay, but really wants to do it?
A: Start out small and DO IT!

Q: What are you social media links/handles?
A: Facebook: Asia Minor, Twitch: riversongscarlet, Instagram: Pandacatsong


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