The Ogee Times: Featured Cosplayer of the Week: Rain Queen Cosplay

Please join The Ogee Times in congratulating Rain Queen Cosplay for being our "Featured Cosplayer of the Week" !

QWhat is your cosplay name?
A: Rain Queen Cosplay

Q: What was your first cosplay?
A: I started cosplaying when I was about 11 or 12, and I believe my first ever costume I made myself was a Brownie (elf/fairy), or possibly Tinkerbell

Q: What was the first cosplay event you attended?
A: It was a small local library gathering when I was about 13.

Q: What was your motivation to attend your first event?
A: I was bullied a lot at the time and was encouraged by my father (who himself is a huge Superman fan) to go. I don’t think he had any idea that 9 years later I’d still be at it!

Q: What is your "featured cosplay"? How do you connect with your "featured cosplay"?
A: Currently a featured cosplay of mine is Samara from The Ring. I created the cosplay as a way to combine horror, contortion, and my love of oversized and crazy props. I Iove being in character and Samara gets a really wonderful reaction from excited (and scared) guests.

Q: What's your favorite part of cosplay construction, fabrication, etc.?
A: I love being in character and acting at conventions. I also adore the hands on creation stage of prop building.

Q: What advise do you have for someone who may be hesitant about cosplay, but really wants to do it?
A: There is always going to be someone who tells you that you aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, or good enough to cosplay. Don’t listen to the negativity and surround yourself with amazing positive people who will support you. Cosplay is for everyone, no matter what. In the end, we’re all just big kids dressing up for an endless Halloween!

Q: What are you social media links/handles?
A: insta: rainqueencosplay


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