John Waldenberger Announces PA House of Representatives Candidacy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: To any and all news outlets.
Friends, family, and fellow community members.
It is with great thought and consideration that I announce my hat 🎩 to be thrown into the ring of the Pennsylvania's 53rd Representative District race to replace Mr Robert Godshall who will not be running in November.
I will be running as a Libertarian, because I feel that only THE INDIVIDUAL can run their life better than the government. It's time to get the government out of our beds, our wallets and our businesses!
For more information on my exact positions, see posts coming up in the near future, and throughout this election season.
I welcome any opportunity to debate policy with my fellow runners from the Democrat and Republican parties. It is time for the unheard voices of the third parties to have a say in our obsolete two party system.
I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve and support the community which I have been a life long member of!
Requests and interviews may be made via message to this page or email


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