Review: Belladonna - Fire and Fury #3

Published by Boundless
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Nahuel Lopez / Coloring by German Nobile
Lettering by Kurt Hathaway / Cover image by Matt Martin

Sweet Mountain of Gold

In the third issue of Belladonna: Fire and Fury, the viking maidens reap the rewards as they storm through the Furies treasures. Backstabbing the Furies, Belladonna charges with her army in tow grabbing everything in site. With little time running out, it's every woman for themselves as stow away their loot and head for their ship. But what Belladonna and her gang did not expect are three protectors of the island of the Furies. Helvete, who possesses the power to summon fire from the stars, Morke, who possesses the power to command thousands of poisonous feral claws, and Diamant, who possesses the power to call upon the elements of the island to destroy. All swooping down on upon those marauding maidens. Here now is my review of Belladonna: Fire & Fury issue #3.


Belladonna is one fierce, fight babe. She like a viking man who has no thought what the outcome would be if I just all who stands in my way. The battle scenes are nothing short of grizzly and action-packed. She does not stop until her enemy has been completely annihilated from existence. Now I should point out it is for mature audiences because the artwork will make young lads lose their kilts. Also included in the comic book offers a sidestory to the Belladonna saga. And if you know anything about this series and artist, the end pages will not disappoint those die hard fans out there.

Artwork / Coloring / Lettering

The mood and tone to the artwork captivates one from start to finish. The drawn panels offer such great detail as the body of these fearless females warrior move through each scene during battle. Lots of emotions are poured out of Belladonna face as she refuses to yield to defeat. Again, I cannot express how the artwork of Nahuel Lopez and the coloring by German Nobile makes the storyline be filled with great action throughout the comic book series. They done a great job and imagination need only apply.


At the end of it all, Belladonna is just acting like any other fearless viking babe who happens to slay men twice her size by giving them a neck shave. Belladonna reminds me of all those night playing Dungeon & Dragons as a female warrior princess who fights her way out. I was the closest of being a woman yet still be able to swing a mean axe just like the boys. If you are a fan of vicious viking maidens acting like hell-bent, sword swinging madams in tight fitting leather outfits then this is your comic book series. The next comic book series installment of Belladonna: Fire and Fury comes out on March 31st.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.


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