Ryan Weiss Announces Spring Tour Dates

Ryan Weiss Spring Tour Dates

2/17/18 - Victor Traps at The Red Stallion - Warminster, PA (details)

2/23/18 - Stereotytans at Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA(details)
  • Reporting for The Ogee Times
2/24/18 - Stereotytans Epic Themes Vol. 1 Panel and Release Party at Amalgam Comics and Coffee House - Philadelphia, PA  (details)
  • Reporting for The Ogee Times and coordinating
3/3/18 - New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival - Iselin, NJ (details)
  • Reporting for The Ogee Times
3/17/18-3/18/18 - Lehigh Valley Itz-a-Con - Allentown, PA (details)
  • Guest - "Come out and let's talk about your goals and how to achieve them!"

3/24/18 - Philly Comic and Cosplay Day 3 Comic Con - Philadelphia, PA (details)
  • Reporting for The Ogee Times
4/7/18 - Victor Traps at The Pickering Creek Inn - Phoenixville, PA (details forthcoming)

4/21/18 - Kid Con - Quakertown, PA (details)
  • Hosting
* Interview requests for all events can be submitted online.

Ryan Weiss is involved in several businesses and organizations including, Co-Owner of Hampton Impressions: a Montgomery County based multi-function company specializing in private and event photography, home decor and community event coordination, Project Manager for Gallery at Barn 2: Hampton Impressions brick and mortar location in Quakertown, Pa , independent media sources: The Ogee Times - Editor-in-Chief/ (www.ogeetimes.com), Ogee Radio - Radio Host/ (anchor.fm/ogeeradio), Co-Organizer for KID CON: A Kid and Family Oriented Comic and Art Expo (www.thekidcon.com), Drummer for Victor Traps (https://victortraps.bandcamp.com/), Event Coordinator for Philadelphia based Comic Book Rock band, Stereotytans (www.stereotytans.com), and Advance Network Consulting (www.advancenetworkcons.wixsite.com/advanceyournetwork)

Ryan specializes in business and community networking and partnership, event organization, web content generation and talent management.

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