The Ogee Times: Featured Cosplayer of the Week - Rogue Harley

Please join The Ogee Times in congratulating Rogue Harley for being our "Featured Cosplayer of the Week" !

QWhat is your cosplay name?
A: Rogue Harley

Q: What was your first cosplay?
A: An iron man girl.

Q: What was the first cosplay event you attended?
A: Wizard World Philadelphia

Q: What was your motivation to attend your first event?
A: The Boondock Saints (Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery) were gonna be there!

Q: What is your "featured cosplay"? How do you connect with your "featured cosplay"?
A: Harley Quinn is always my go to girl! She and I are both known as crazy, funny girls but just we are both underestimated and smarter than we seem! Plus we’ll always have a soft spot for Joker❤️🖤

Q: What's your favorite part of cosplay construction, fabrication, etc.?
A: I love just figuring out how to construct a new cosplay accessories. I’m not very good at sewing but when I can make a new prop I do my best to get it right!

Q: What advise do you have for someone who may be hesitant about cosplay, but really wants to do it?
A: Don’t worry about what anyone thinks or says! As long as you’re happy with it then there is no wrong to it!

Q: What are you social media links/handles?
A: @rogue_harley -Instagram
@RogueHarley1- Facebook Kofi


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