Rock Comes Alive At The Underground In Lansdale

Howling Fantods | Photo Credit: Sam Pinola
LANSDALE, PA> Lansdale's prime music venue, The Underground continues to grow by leaps and bounds month after month. Last night saw The Underground debut of two bands, Howling Fantods (Philadelphia) and Highburnator (Allentown) supported by two area favorites,Victor Traps and Black Friday Death Count. Victor Traps kicked off the night and the energy kept building all the way through to Highburnator! The surrounding community is definitely becoming aware of the burgeoning scene at The Underground and continue to come out and show their support for great live music and local crafted beer. To music fans young and old, keep your eye on this spot as there are great happenings in the works!

The upcoming performances schedule and online ticket sales for The Underground can be found on their website. Also, be sure to tune into The Undergrounds complimentary podcast, "The Original Slacker", available online. Social media links: Facebook: @RGBCUnderground and Instagram: @undergroundrgbc. This show was produced by the local promotion company, Ogee Entertainment.


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