Andross channels raddest era in music video history with “Arms Race”

For Immediate Release from ANDROSS

“Arms Race” is the first single released from the upcoming new album by Philadelphia-suburb based band Andross. The song and accompanying video were released at 10am on Friday, July
19th, 2019. The music video is self-produced, self-funded, and pays tribute to classic green-screen videos from MTV’s heydey perfected by the Talking Heads and Queen, both artists whom the
band consider to be major influences.

The lyrical content of the song seeks to encourage listeners to use critical thinking and to question everything within their environment, expressed prominently in the repeated refrain, “Think For Yourself”. Vocalist and primarily lyricist, Tim Balch, was inspired to write the song after attending classes at Temple University, where he lamented the seemingly rampant obliviousness of his fellow classmates. In order to avoid making the song overly didactic, or even preachy, Balch sings from a place of concern and encouragement for his generation and the next.

Andross plays a unique blend of pop punk, alternative rock, and post-hardcore that harkens back to the golden age of early-mid 2000’s emo/rock. They technically began in 2011 with a completely different lineup (Balch being the only constant), effectively dissolved in 2015, rebuilt a year later, and have been pumping out music ever since. Their upcoming album, due out late 2019, was produced by Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard fame, at The Lumberyard in Hammonton, NJ.
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