Terretta Storm debuts "Take Me Home" with a new song and video

July 6, 2019

By: Ryan Weiss

WILMINGTON, DE > Tonight at 7:00 pm, we will be blessed with a new song and music video debut from Terretta Storm called "Take Me Home." The bands Facebook states, "Please support this project by pre-ordering the song, sharing the video and tagging your friends.. All money generated from this project will be donated to Terretta to assist in her recovery!

A few weeks ago Terretta was involved in a severe accident when she was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. She is currently still recovering in the intensive care unit in the hospital. 

Terretta and her talented band are quite an inspiration, musically and lyrically. "Itchy Trigger Finger" is a hard rocking stadium type anthem that touches on sensitive subject matters that are prevalent in today's society while mashing up genres in a cultural and lyrical explosion. On the more personal side, a recent release titled "Right There", a collaboration with Jea Street Jr., shows us a stripped down emotional side to Terretta that enables the listener to connect directly with her.

Supporting Terretta and her music is a vital task right now. Her music and talent is very much an inspiration and motivator. She breaks molds and expresses herself, shes is not made from a cookie cutter. Follow her on Facebook and like and share the new music video for "Take Me Home." Pre-order your digital copy of "Take Me Home" on Amazon today.


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