Local Scene kid makes history by leaving a tip when he only ordered waters

By: Annie Christ

LANSDALE, PA> A local scene kid has made history this past weekend at The Underground in Lansdale, PA this weekend. According to local sources, he had only been ordering waters all night but still left the bartender a tip!! At first we were hesitant to believe the story, so we went down to Lansdale to find out what really happened. As we arrived at The Underground and met the bartender, she had still been in shock from the events taking place that weekend. She was still gripping the 2 singles in her sweaty palms shaking her head in disbelief as to what had happened. The bartender who asked to be called "Jess" told us the shocking details of that night. "It was a usual Saturday night, nothing out of the ordinary. There was one kid with a Panic at the Disco! shirt on who kept ordering waters and saying he wasn't trying to poison his body with alcohol. He then proceeded to let every patron at the bar know he was straight edge and didn't live in Lansdale, but he was actually from Blue Bell." She continued her story, "After he had his 8th water he walked away, and to my amazement there were two one dollar bills on the bar. I didn't know what to do or what to say. I've never had anyone actually tip me after drinking water even though I give them fresh ice and a new cup every single time." I wish I knew where he was so I can thank him for being a trend setter and taking care of his bartender like a civilized human being." We were so compelled by the heroism, we found that straight edge kid in Blue Bell to get a comment from him and hopefully inspire others to follow in his footsteps. When we had asked him what compelled him to be a hero and do the bare minimum by tipping his bartender he responded, "Is that where my two dollars went? Yo, can I get that back?" What a hero.


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