Phoenixville punk keeps coming to Lansdale having an opinion on everything

Photo Source: Jason Ray's Facebook
By: Ryan Weiss

LANSDALE, PA> This past weekend, Phoenixville, PA native and the sad boi half of the acoustic duo Girl Science, Jason Ray, was seen lurking the halls at The Underground during a game of trivia, hosted by local drag queen Annie Christ. Upon entering, Jason immediately took to analyzing every square inch of the facility in order find something to take offense too to have an opinion on. A source confirmed that Ray, who's prone to leaving bad business reviews, indeed found that the July events calendar was still hanging in one of The Underground's bathrooms. Ray soon threatened to leave a bad Yelp review due to this over sight by the venue manager. Under constant pressure and verbal whip lashing while performing with Girl Science, Ray seems to ease the pain by migrating from the Phoenixville area to Philadelphia and Lansdale, leaving scathing reviews along the way. At press time, Ray was most likely preparing to make a vaguebook post about how he hates vaguebooking.


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