Darrin changed a keg so you could drink your favorite IPA

Some beer in a glass

LANSDALE, PA> Numerous sources report that local hero/bartender at The Underground went upstairs mid show and changed a keg so you could drink your favorite IPA. We know you didn't want that other IPA, so Darrin took a trip upstairs, opened multiple doors and found a keg of that favorite one you like. He took off the empty keg and put a new one on so you could have your favorite. To you, Darrin is a national treasure. That's pretty much it. To see Darrin at the next show, check the Undergrounds event calendar, or just message Darrin on Facebook or something. He'll tell you about a recent dope ass thrift store score. Oh yeah, he does a music pick of the week on Fridays, so follow the Underground on social media to see that too.


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