We get it, it's not "Baby Yoda" but we don't care

Image: Disney

At this point, we're all pretty much aware that the "baby Yoda" we're all seeing isn't actually "baby Yoda." Yes, the new Disney + series, "The Mandalorian" takes place after "The Return of the Jedi." If we're going by Star Wars canon timeline, this can not actually be "baby Yoda," as Yoda died in "The Return of the Jedi." Even if it's not "baby Yoda," we're still going to call the character "baby Yoda" because this creature looks like Yoda. We're not sure if this is a Yoda/Yaddle love child or what and frankly, we don't really care because the character is adorable, meme-able and Instagram-able. So don't @ me or talk to me about Star Wars canon, it's "baby Yoda."


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