Local venue owner does not hate Phoenixville punk, or he might, we don't know

Local manager of The Underground, Ryan Weiss, is apparently in an on again, off again, love/hate social media war or something with the latter half of Phoenixville based duo Girl Science. Jason Ray, a regular social media warrior, has been witnessed in either sarcastic or serious online back and forth arguments, or something, with Weiss on numerous occasions. Conversely, Ray has also been witnessed kissing Weiss on the face on at least one verifiable occasion. Weiss and Ray have been witnessed hugging each other with Ray immediately criticizing the venues poor event calendar replacement practices.  Let's not forget Ray's regular judgement of Weiss' grammar on news articles and social media posts. Apparently he has a thing for incorrect comma and apostrophe placement or usage. That being said, it's still unclear to most whether or not Weiss and Ray don't respect each other or respect each other too much. Time will tell, or not, if Mr. Weiss doesn't hate Mr. Ray or that he actually hates him. Keep on eye on their social media I suppose.


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