Local musician smashes guitar and people won't shut up about it

Photo Source: Some thread on Brads Facebook

This past weekend, a tragedy (of his own doing) befell Brad Parsons and his guitar at a Through Neighborhoods show. According to social media conjecture, on January 25, 2020, the bespectacled Parsons smashed a guitar at the North Penn Social Club, located in North Wales, most likely at the end of a set. Upon reviewing the local hero's Facebook account, there are definite vagaries about whether Through Neighborhood is over for good or whether this was just a spur of the moment stunt.  Either way, people can stop talking about it now and talk about something else, like how good the new Zara Halal Food place is at the Exxon on the corner of Orvilla Road and Main Street. As press time, Parson's was probably trying to decided if he was going to the Black Friday Death Count show this weekend at The Underground.


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