To Shaun Weiss, my childhood hero, your fans love you

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By: Ryan Weiss
January 29, 2020

If you grew up as a kid in the mid 1990s, the Mighty Ducks franchise was a gigantic part of your childhood. For a lot of us, The Mighty Ducks, the Flying V, the Knuckle Puck, the Bash Brothers, "Quack, Quack, Quack Mr. Ducksworth" and more are seared into our brains as common lingo. Growing up, Shaun Weiss' character, Greg Goldberg, was somewhat of a hero on screen for me. We had the same last name in real life (although we are of no relation) and he was a bit of a husky kid, just like myself. Growing up, I was always the chubby kid, never really good at sports and felt like an outsider during gym class.I looked at the Mighty Ducks movies as a way to see someone that resembled my physical build and with my same real last name, succeed as an actor and athlete.

Shaun was funny with great comedic timing, I thought that was so awesome. He also starred in "Heavyweights," a movie about kids forced to go to fat camp but also overcoming relationship challenges and body confidence challenges. This all rang true to me when I was growing up. I wasn't very confident and didn't have great body confidence. I was able to feel better about myself when watching Shaun perform.

Over the past few years, Shaun has had run ins with the law that portrayed him in a very unfortunate light. His appearance has deteriorated due to drugs and that seems to have taken control of his life. The most recent report states that he was found on methamphetamine burglarizing a vehicle in a garage. It's killing me to see a childhood hero in this condition. I've never met Shaun, although I am sincerely hoping that he gets the help he needs to kick this habit. The world loves his characters and I'm sure there's other fans out there that want to see him get better. I usually write funny, local music scene articles, but this article is focusing on my hope that Shaun will fully accept rehab treatment and come back as the brilliant actor that I grew up loving.

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