What if Bill & Ted and Harry Potter were in the same universe?

By Ryan Weiss

Just think about it, Bill & Ted and Harry Potter in the same universe. I had a dream recently where these two entirely different movies actually occurred on the same time line with a similar, main central character. I'm talking, of course, about the combination Rufus/Dumbledore character. In my dream, Rufus was Dumbledore and guided both sets of characters to achieve certain missions. There were no telephone booths, but rather port-keys that transported characters to predetermined times in history and the future where both sets of characters had a different set of goals to achieve. I don't recall the characters interacting which each other, however, the their goals were similar. The Harry Potter crew was working to ensure life remained calm in the present while Bill & Ted used port-keys to ensure historical characters were kept safe or moved from the past into the present or future to utilize their skills for the betterment of the human race. All in all, super bizarre. If you have any idea on what to make of this, I challenge you to create a more thorough timeline and universe description.


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