Area man apparently owns only one L.M.I. shirt

Pictured: A guy | Credit: Maria DiNicola

LANSDALE, PA> In a blatant, sarcastic observation, local banjoist/guitarist Brad Parsons has revealed that he believes an area man only owns one L.M.I. shirt. The photo in question, snapped at the Lansdale Tavern today during the lunch rush, is one of a slew of photos seen this past weekend on Facebook depicting this man in the same L.M.I. shirt. What's the deal dude? Do you have multiple shirts or are you just that lazy that you did the armpit sniff test and realized, "meh, its ok," and wore it anway? At least you had a mask on, what a freggin' hero. At press time, this slacker was probably drinking wine and definitely not doing his laundry


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