P'Ville punk gets an opossum tattoo; I guess we're supposed to say YAAASSS?


SOMEWHERE, PA> Local trash legend, "show promoter," "goth acoustic folk punk master," Jason Ray recently got an opossum (is that the correct grammar?) tattooed somewhere on his deteriorating, almost forty year old body. He posted a photo (above), captioned with "yell!," to his personal Facebook account, which blasted it out to his 712 friends on his friends list. This post was made on September 14, 2020 at 4:01 pm and received 20 likes, 7 heart emojis, 1 laughing emoji and 0 comments. 

What are the next steps after viewing this? Am I supposed to comment with "YAAASSS" or "EAT TRASH, EAT ASS" or something like that? There were no other comments to lead the thread direction, so I'm at a loss. Is this a punk situation or a "this guy really likes opossums" situation? Also, does anyone else pronounce the silent "o"?


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