New research reveals that we should argue as much as possible during COVID-19


by Ryan Weiss

ANYWHEREBUTHERE, TX> According to a string of internet memes that we thoroughly researched on social media channels, we should be arguing as much as humanly possible during the corona-virus outbreak of 2020. We should take the opportunity, while we are locked in close quarters with loved ones, to air our grievances and political disagreements as closely and loudly as possible. Also, according to one bomb ass meme we saw, we need to realize that life is short and, if we can't argue with our family, we need to be warriors behind our keyboards with strangers. We need to argue now so we tire ourselves out before the presidential election. After November 3rd, the corona-virus will disappear and we will all go back to our normally scheduled lives anyway. So take the time to disagree with gusto and blow your forehead veins and lungs out while you can.


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