Round Guys Brewing Company; fire your social media person already


by Ryan Weiss (NOT, the Round Guys social media person, we assure you...or something)

LANSDALE, PA> On October 20, 2020, an abomination showed up on the Round Guys Brewing Company Facebook page. The horrendous nightmare of a meme (pictured above) was released to the world at around 7:00 pm and we can't un see it. What ridiculous brewery would cut their social media person this loose to post such a horrific sight?! Of course, its a "ridiculously hazy" IPA, what else would it be? Looks like there is also lactose that was added for good measure. We tracked down this dumbass and confirmed that this is NOT the next Round Guys creation. In fact, we heard that they have a kick ass seltzer line, a recently released barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout and a killer new menu lineup. So, if you're in the mood for good beer and good food, check out their online ordering and order today! If you can't make it to the brewery, they now ship across Pennsylvania!


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