Round Guys #GimmeSeltzer; apparently we're supposed to pronounce "hashtag"


Pictured: Cans of #GimmeSeltzer" by Round Guys Brewing Company

by Ryan Weiss

LANSDALE, PA> So, we recently caught up with Bill McGeeney, Marketing Director for Round Guys Brewing Company, and had a discussion about their hard seltzer line, #GimmeSeltzer. We were thrilled to sample a flight containing each flavor and were very excited to get the inside scoop on the process, creation and marketing efforts. During the sampling session, we kept saying "Bill, this Gimme Seltzer flavor is wonderful," in which he replied, "Yes, hashtag Gimme Seltzer is totally delicious." At first, we did a side glance while sipping a flight sample and agreeing, "Yea, definitely, Gimme Seltzer is great, especially the Blood Orange." Bill kept replying, "Our hashtag Gimme Seltzer is rich in flavor and light in body." We started wondering why he kept pronouncing "hashtag" as part of the name. At this point, we were getting the hint, "hashtag" is part of his marketing plan, so he just says it all the time. Yikes. Eventually the session came to a close, so we just said "Hashtag, see ya later bud," and bounced.

At press time, we were actively spreading the word about the importance of pronouncing "hashtag" every time you order #GimmeSeltzer at the pub. 


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