Tonight's posts make us glad we live in Hatfield: A memoir

 by Ryan Weiss 

CITIZENSFORTHEREVITALIZATIONOFLANSDALE, PA> In the past twenty four hours, the much beloved and maligned Facebook group, the Citizens of Revitalization of Lansdale, has come under fire for some ridiculous reason. For once, it's not fireworks nor chickens, it's apparently some level of political favor? We're actually really not sure. It could be political or it could be about parking space availability. It also could be about permit parking, mask wearing or protests? Actually, we're sort of confused about why we're writing this article in the first place. Ummm, craft breweries and barber shops! (Does that work?) 

At press time, we're just about to finish this sentence with the correct punctuation. Either way, some people are glad they live in Hatfield.


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