RIP Nevada memes; the comfort through the 2020 election storm


by Ryan Weiss

MERICA, MERICA> This is a tribute to a true hero among the internet during the 2020 United States Presidential election, Nevada memes. 

Our dearest Nevada memes,

Your humor got us through a nail biting election. When we lost hope, you were there. Whenever you were compared to a sloth DMV worker, a drag queen that takes to long or a hit Brian McKnight single, you made us laugh just enough to get us to the next meme. When we thought we couldn't go on and scroll past a political post, you were there for us to share and tag our best friends. You brought a nation closer together and allowed us to finally rally around something of pseudo-substance. You stood by, guiding us to a hopeful tomorrow. We will miss you Nevada memes. At least we have a photo of a Republican press conference in a landscaping parking lot between a crematorium and a sex shop. It will never be the same with out you. RIP in peace old friend. Until we meet again.

With love,

Your Ogee Times family


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