Round Guys Brewing Co. shifts to only hazy IPAs and beer with bubbles

by Ryan Weiss

LANSDALE, PA> Finally, Lansdale's longest running brewery is getting with the times and shifting their beer production to cater to popular trends and memes. This staple Montgomery County brewery will be shifting it's entire lineup to strictly hazy, juicy India Pale Ales. This comes as a shock to the system as Round Guys has a strong history of maintaining a diverse selection of beer on tap and in cans. We're looking forward to all the different flavors and can't wait to ask them which hops they used in each!

Running with the trends, Round Guys is working hard to also ensure that all of their beer has bubbles available for your viewing and meme pleasure. Whether your beer glass is dirty or clean, you'll be able to take photos of the bubbles that reside in your libation. Round Guys is working hard to ensure that you'll have adequate meme and hashtag fodder now and in the future.

Be sure to check out their available online selection and grab some to go or have it shipped across Pennsylvania at

(Happy April Fools!)


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