Local art collective clearly not as good as Michelangelo

by Ryan Weiss

 LANSDALE, PA> Within the past few days, Lansdale based Headway Art Collective, began painting some artwork on the walls of the Lansdale Tavern. This motivated, rag tag team of artists obviously have some hot shot chip on their shoulder. They seem to be treating the Tavern like the Sistine Chapel with their doodles and what not. Clearly, they think they're Michelangelo level when, in fact, they are definitely not as good as him. Calling them "Michaelangelo level" artists is akin to calling someone "Einstein" sarcastically. So go ahead, paint your drawings, let's see how long this lasts. At press time, they were asked how long this project would take and they said "a few weeks." A few weeks?! Are they nuts?! How is anyone supposed to enjoy their delicious shrimp tacos in peace?


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