[BREAKING NEWS] Dave Heck looks great, man


                        Pictured: Dave looking great, man at the sev.

by Ryan Weiss

Last night at "The Well" by Well Crafted Beer Company, there was an all out celebration of the Lansdale music scene. Stateside played a killer set, Tina Baer was in town from California to finally learn who CDC is, Kyle had googly eyes and Dave Heck looked great, man. Heck, who is about a month into a fresh hair cut and beard trim, was doin' the thing where he was watching and supporting every act that graced the stage last night. He looked great, fan-effing-tastic, kicks were on point and whatever shirt he was wearing probably did him justice. So, if you want to see Dave Heck look great, man, stop on out to the next edition of "The Well" every first Tuesday of the month at Well Crafted. Sign ups start at 6:30 p.m.


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