Everyone in the Lansdale scene is so hot right now


by Ryan Weiss

LANSDALE, PA> Lansdale, Pennsylvania is a small suburb of Philadelphia located about forty minutes northwest of the big city. Over the past few decades, this little hardcore hamlet has grown into one of the hottest places in the tri-state area. Lets take a peak at why Lansdale is so hot right now.

From Merit to AM0RA to Andross and everyone in between, every person in every band is hot. We have our own drag queen, Annie Christ, who drips hotness everywhere she walks. Everyone that supports the local scene like Kyle McCarthy and Dan Pancoast are freggin' thirst traps. Also, everyone that comes in from out of town to support the scene, are stone cold foxes. Take another look people, Lansdale's got the goods!

So if you're looking for a place to hang with hotties, come to Lansdale, PA. 


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