Dating Apps Provide Man with Bathroom Ideas

By Schwa Rox

A local man who describes himself as "Recently" single online has turned to various online dating platforms for ideas to redo his bathroom. 
"I would appreciate it more if you learned to take out the trash on Wednesday.  It's been that way since you were 7." Helen shot back at her adult son. "She is lucky I live with her." Jim says as he takes the trash to the curb. " The Basement is MINE.  She doesn't even go down there, unless she is doing my laundry or waking me up for something." 

"You can only send so many dick pics with no responses." Jim ( not his real name because "haters" ) said, "You just start to get bored so I only look for bathroom pics for ideas to re do my bathroom." "He has done the bathroom many, many , many times in the past few years. Nautical, high end and most recently something he calls hoody, which I do not care for. That's why he is only allowed to do the basement powder room now."  Explains Helen his mother who Jim lives with "Temporarily" (for the past 21 years). "Gosh MOOOM, it's called "Hood". IF you appreciate anything, I do for you then you would, at least,  understand and learn the language."  Jim lashed at his mother who smiled a little. Jim is still single and looking for anyone, as long as they drive.  According to his online bio, he is down for a "LTR or casual, going places or staying in and likes movies".  Of course, you're best bet is to post selfies in a bathroom mirror...Good Luck Ladies.



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