Man With 1998 Wardrobe Suddenly in Fashion Again

 by Schwa Rox

Local man who hasn't  purchased any clothing since Warped Tour July 30th 1998 at the CoreStates Spectrum suddenly finds himself completely in fashion again. 

"It all started with this sick Rev. Horton Heat bucket hat, young.people started to say things like "Sup" and "sweet hat"., Says Danny (known as D-Dog)   ".  We went to Denny's and got some Moons over My Hammy and he left it in my car." While being fashionable, D-Dog admits the main reason he wears a bucket hat now is because it keeps the sun out of his eyes.  "The young folks seem to dig it alot, I might break out my shell necklace and find myself a they still have raves?" 

Better hurry to a Farmers Market or First Friday to see this fashion time capsule as soon as possible because D-Dog is well on his way from being fashionable to overly creepy in no time.


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